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The services provided by BEC
(Darwin Region) Inc are partially
funded by the Australian
Government and NT Government.

BEC runs a series of FREE workshops aimed to provide an introduction to participants into 5 specific and important areas related to the commencement of a business. The workshops consist of 5 by 3 hour modules and are pitched predominantly at the person who is either intending to go into business or has been in business for a short time (see course outline to the right for more details on the modules). The material is intended to give participants an insight into each topic while at the same time provoking a thoughtful consideration of the relevant issues.

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Workshop DateMonday, 29 Apr 2019
Darwin: 29 Apr-1 May
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Workshop DateWednesday, 29 May 2019
Darwin: 29-31 May
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Workshop DateMonday, 03 Jun 2019
Alice Springs: 3-4 Jun
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Workshop DateWednesday, 26 Jun 2019
Darwin: 26-28 Jun
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Course Outline / Unit Descriptions

1. Starting a Business

This module is aimed at assisting those people thinking about starting a business, those in business wishing to expand and those who wish to improve their management techniques.

It is intended to assist you:

  • Appraise your own suitability as a small business manager
  • List the advantages and disadvantages of starting in business
  • Understand the importance of a marketing strategy to a small business
  • Appreciate the financial implications of owning a small business
  • Generally outline the requirements of starting in business

2. Business Structures and Tax

This module is aimed at assisting people in starting their own business to understand the different forms of business structures, to determine the most appropriate structure for their business and to be aware of taxation issues. Note, taxation is very much a moveable feast at the moment and if specific information is required on any aspect of the new taxation laws a course for that specific issue should be chosen.

3. Introduction to Bookkeeping

This module is aimed at introducing participants to the reasons for keeping good financial records by taking them through the essential source documents, developing the outline for appropriate written records and looking at how these can be used as a management tool for business purposes.

4. Developing A Business Plan

This module is aimed at assisting business intenders or those in the early life of a business to:

  • Identify where you are at now, where you want to be in several years and how to get there
  • Develop a mission statement describing the scope of your business activities, the service it provides and the markets in which it operates
  • Define who your customers are, develop a market strategy and strong customer supplier relationships and deliver superior value
  • Understand the importance of maintaining adequate financial records and preparing realistic forecasts
  • Identify the funds you need to start or maintain your business and where you can access these funds
  • Gather information required to properly structure a Business Plan

5. Marketing

This module provides an outline of the marketing process, looks at some forms of market research and sources of market information, discusses market strategies and goals and looks into the elements of a marketing mix. Its aim is to give a general overview of the marketing process.