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Have your say about how government businesses compete with you

Eva Pettifor . 31 Mar 2017 . Comments
Have your say about how government businesses compete with you

Do you compete with government businesses in your industry?

The Government is currently reviewing its Competitive Neutrality policy. Its aim is to ensure government businesses don’t get any competitive advantages simply because they are publicly owned.

However, from time to time we hear concerns from businesses that feel they have faced unfair competition from government businesses. So now’s the chance to have your say about it.

The review will examine a number of issues including:

  • whether the current policy applies to enough of the government’s activities
  • how the policy applies to government ‘start-ups’
  • whether the complaints process is sufficient

You can find more information about the review on the Commonwealth Treasury website.

If competitive neutrality affects your business the Government wants to hear from you. You can make a submission to the review by clicking this link. The deadline is 21 April 2017.


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