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Domain Name scams targeting your business

Eva Pettifor . 17 Jan 2017 . Comments
Domain Name scams targeting your business

The ACCC is warning you that certain domain name registration companies are mailing out invoice-type letters to trick you into paying for a new domain name registration.

Big and small businesses are targeted. Typically, businesses are offered a ‘.com’ version of their ‘’ domain name. These letters are not renewal notices!

For further information as to how these scams work and how you can protect your business see this SCAMwatch Alert.

The ACCC has received a number of reports from small businesses in relation to approaches from Domain Name Corp Pty Ltd. If you receive correspondence from Domain Name Corp Pty Ltd, you should read it very carefully and consider the matters identified in the SCAMwatch Alert.

If your business receives a domain name registration letter that appears to be a scam, you can report it via the SCAMwatch website.


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