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Does technology present ongoing challenges for your business? Here at the BEC we run a server and about 12 months ago we had cause to move from one service provider to another. Now this wasn’t because the service we were receiving wasn’t up to scratch. All that occurred was that the person who knew our system well and had always fixed any problems really quickly moved on. This meant that we lost that personal relationship with the problem solver and we realised we would have to train up someone else about our system and the foibles it had.

Whilst the new service provider has turned out to be terrific, it never ceases to both amaze and worry me about just how much we rely on our technology and how complex it is. Yet we see suppliers and manufacturers of both hardware and software products continually espousing the supposed simplicity of their products!! But all this simplicity comes at a cost! Every year when we are preparing our IT budget we seem to fall into the trap of underestimating what we will actually need to spend on maintaining and replacing our technology support products. It gets down to good risk management. How much business interruption are you prepared to risk if your system crashes due to poor maintenance or failure. Anyone had a recent IT story, good or bad, they are prepared to share?

Let me know.

Jack Hughes